Whole or Half Hogs for Your Freezer

It's time to stock your freezer with Murray's heritage, free-roaming, well-fed, non-GMO pork!


Here's How it Works


You tell us what you'd like: whole or half carcass and approximate weight. Hogs range in size from about 200 lbs to 240 lbs, and can be sold as a whole or half carcass.

Then, tell us where you'd like it delivered: your place or your butcher? Make sure you talk to your butcher in advance to set a date for delivery. Let us know the date and time, give us their contact info and we'll do the rest!

We'll deliver the the half or whole carcass and you and your butcher can discuss the cuts you want and how you want it packaged.

If you don't have a preferred butcher we can take the half or whole hog to our country butcher. Just let us know!

How Much Will it Cost?

$3.50/lb for the finished pork carcass.

Other Costs Include:


Depending on size, there is a processing fee of $50 - $70 per animal. We use a small, family-run country abattoir for the most humane and conscientious end of life possible.

There is a transport fee - from farm to abattoir - of $10 - $20.

Delivery to your home or butcher within the GTA is $40.

Plus all applicable taxes.

Get the extended family or a neighbour group together to share in the piggy bounty and cost!


Go to the Contact Us page, send us an email or give us a call to place your order or learn more.

Hangin' out...
Free ranging in the snow.
Murray with Boris the Boar.
Murray with one of his sows
Real free-range!
Yummy cuts.
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Chop served at Globe Bistro!
Heritage Pigs Flyer
Look at that fat cap! Yum!