Check out this lovely article by Catherine Gerson from Edible Toronto: 

Catherine then followed up with a piece for Choose Cage Free. Here it is:

The gang from Sanagan's Meat Locker came out to Murray's Farm. Here's the story:

Journalist Rebecca Tucker came out to see Murray and wrote this piece for the National Post:

Oh Murray, you trouble maker, you! Marco Chown Oved of The Toronto Star gave Murray a soapbox and boy did he ever use it! Check it out here:

Hmm, "The High Price of Happy", eh? Read this in-depth piece by Ann Hui for The Globe and Mail and judge for yourself:

In the Ottawa Citizen, Laura Robin calls Murray, "...a sort of celebrity organic farmer..." "Sort of"!? Harumph! Read it here:

{{Murray's a humble farmer, so getting him to share his bragables with me, his loyal website builder, is slow going, but he'll see! Please check back soon for more kudos!}}